Off Campus Study Opportunities

Coordinator International and Study Abroad - Yvette Jordan 
Phone: 716-375-4009

Students interested in a study abroad experience — summer, semester, or full year — should contact Yvette Jordan, Coordinator International and Study Abroad,  one year in advance. Careful planning and coordination take place during that time. Students should have appropriate departmental approval in order to participate in study abroad.

Options are available in all majors, some including internships, work/study and service learning. Grades and credits earned through study abroad programs sponsored by SBU are applied to SBU transcripts.  Only credits earned through outside study abroad programs are applied to SBU transcripts.

Federal financial aid can be applied towards a study abroad experience; however, students holding institutional or certain endowed scholarships or grants will be unable to use these to fund the cost of their study-abroad program. For more information, students and parents should contact the Office of Financial Aid at (716) 375-2020 or   

For students interested in intersession or summer courses, St. Bonaventure University offers the following short-term programs:

  • The Francis E. Kelley Oxford Program: six-week summer session at Oxford University where students can earn six credits; open to qualified sophomores and juniors.
  • Galway, Ireland: four-week session, six credits, at National University of Ireland at Galway.
  • Limerick, Ireland: three-week session in June at the University of Limerick.
  • Perugia, Italy: six-week program beginning mid-May; offering six or seven credits: Core Area Courses, business, Italian, fine arts, humanities, social sciences; includes field trips and excursions to places like Rome, Florence, Siena, Orvieto, Cortona, Bagnoregio. Contact Dr. Panzarella ( for details.
  • Salamanca, Spain: five-week program, where students earn credit for Spanish 202 or higher; students can improve Spanish skills and immerse in the culture of Spain.
  • Seville, Spain: four-week program in Arabic or Spanish language and culture for six credits; includes field study in Spain and Morocco.
  • China: two-week, three-credit May session, open to graduate/undergraduate students, offering overview of history, politics, culture, language, business of China.

Washington Semester

St. Bonaventure students are eligible to participate in the Washington internship program for a semester or a summer. St. Bonaventure credit is awarded for the practica, which are seminar-based and include internships in the following areas: Journalism, Economic Policy, American Politics, International Business and Trade, Foreign Policy, Justice, International Environment and Development, Public Law, Art and Architecture, History, Cultural Policy, Peace and Conflict Resolution, Islamic Studies, Education Policy, and Transforming Communities.

Through the St. Bonaventure University affiliations with American University, The Washington Center and SUNY-Brockport, students earn between 12 and 16 credits. Contact Dr. Lambert at for more information.